3 How to Set a Digital Marketing Strategy

Once we know our ideal user’s habits we’ll set about understanding how to reach them using the web. Topics include paid search advertising, social media, defining online metrics for success, public relations, mobile, design, and building engaged online communities around a brand or cause.

Goal: Using your new research skills, form a strategy for building an effective brand online.

Chapter 12: Strategy and Trust

  1. Fairy dust and the Customer Experience Ecosystem
  2. Ready. Aim. Fire – Why Research Should Guide Strategy
  3. Building Trust Online: What Makes a Website Credible

Chapter 13: Tying Profitability to Marketing Objectives

  1. Profitability not sales: A Definition for this Key Metric
  2. Knowing Your Costs: Acquisition vs. Retention – a simple example
  3. Customer Experience: Tying Digital Marketing Strategy to Business Growth

Chapter 14: How to Set a Strategy

  1. Earning Your Salary: Marketers as Drivers for Customer Insights
  2. Shiny Objects: How to Evaluate Social Media and Digital Marketing Tools
  3. Things Are Slipping: Example of When Strategy is Misaligned
  4. Setting POSTs: Getting Our Shoe Company Back On Track

Chapter 15: Strategy Summary

  1. Be SMART: Tips on a Smart Digital Strategy
  2. Example: B2B Web Service Company
  3. KP what? What are Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

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