5 Introduction to Online Analytics

The biggest opportunity for digital marketers is to effectively measure their work. We’ll cover how traditional metrics like CPM’s transfer to the online world and look into free reporting tools like Google Analytics and HootSuite for measuring the effectiveness of online campaigns.

Goal: Understand what are online marketing metrics. In addition, how to measure and effectively report efforts across social media, search, and content creation.

Chapter 21: Not All Traffic is Equal

  1. Digital fingerprints: Understanding the Clickstream
  2. The What and The Why: Introduction to Digital Analytics
  3. Caller ID: How Web Analytics Works (Briefly)

Chapter 22: Introduction to Basic Web Metrics Part 1

  1. Visitors and Time: Uniques, Time on Page/Site Explained
  2. Bouncing Along Online: What is a Bounce Rate?
  3. Know What Converts: What is a Website Conversion Rate?
  4. Vanity Metrics: Measuring Basic Online Engagement

Chapter 23: Real Life Examples

  1. Cobbler’s Kids: OnDigitalMarketing’s Analytics Part I
  2. Defining Success: OnDigitalMarketing’s KPIs