4 How to Run Online and Social Media Campaigns

Once our strategy is formed, we’ll set about executing it using the many tools available to digital marketers today. We’ll look into ad platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Email, social media and mobile marketing tactics will be covered as well along with effective content and search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

Goal: Know how to put content out and effectively engage with customers on the web.

Chapter 16: Getting Started with Execution

  1. Where we’ve been: Preparation for Successful Execution
  2. Virtual Architecture: How to Build a Sitemap
  3. Sketchy design: How to do Website Wireframes

Chapter 17: Managing Technology Builds

  1. How Blogs Help: Why Blogging Matters for Websites
  2. Mock It Before You Build It: How To Build Prototypes
  3. Shipping Is Hard: Tips on How to Launch

Chapter 18: Are Websites Still Relevant?

  1. Isn’t there an app for that? Native vs. Responsive Design
  2. Nobody Likes You on Facebook and Means it: Why Websites Still Matter

Chapter 19: Executing Online Campaigns

  1. The Myth of Growth: Introduction to Owned, Earned, and Paid Media
  2. Own it: It’s Better To Own than Rent
  3. Earning Your Keep: Why Earned Is So Powerful
  4. It’s Expensive to Fail: Why Paid Should Come Last

Chapter 20: Ongoing Engagement

  1. Quality and Quantity: How to Think About Website Traffic
  2. Planting Seeds: Ways to Think About Nurturing Website Visitors
  3. Post Conversion: Nurturing Website Visitors