Introduction to Digital Marketing

This book is meant to be brief. The idea behind publishing updates to the text is to try and steal an idea from the open source software mantra of “release early, release often.”

The online world changes fast.

Which is why a digital format works well. We can observe current best practices and case studies and update sections every few months versus every few years.

The utter lack of textbooks for the beginner in this area speaks to the challenge of educating professionals and university students on a broad level of the basic fundamentals of digital marketing. When possible the student is encouraged to dive deeper into a particular field of study as this book and course is meant as an introduction and not an in-depth analysis. We could easily spend a semester going over just social media platforms and tactics.

The reader will notice quite a bit of history and what I call foundations that I believe are key to understanding digital marketing. A firm grasp of this area let’s the marketer analyze new trends and technology through a different lens. Technology is dependent on time and culture – remember radio was once a magical invention – yet it follows similar patterns for adoption.

I have made a concerted effort to weave a balance of theory and real-world examples. Together, I believe they help reinforce each other. I am deeply humbled and grateful to the digital marketing and design professionals who have generously donated their time for the case studies and career advice sections.

They represent what is great about the web – openness, sharing, giving back and a curiosity to learn.

Jacob Cook
Montana State University – College of Business
Bozeman, Montana
twitter: @ondigimarketing
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